Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Connection Between Indus Valley Script and Easter Island Symbols : Andis Kaulins, Guillaume De Hevesey and Vilayanur S. Ramachandran Agree : It Exists

The connection between the Indus Valley Code and Easter Island Script - which we made here - is supported by the research of Vilayanur S. Ramachandran, who also sees this connection via Guillaume De Hevesey, who in 1933 "pointed out striking similarities between about 90 Indus signs and 90 signs from the script of the Easter Islands.":

The above .jpg has been reduced in size. See the full size at indus_vlley.jpg

These symbols are astronomical.

Many thanks are extended to Pierre N. Overton, who sent me this link.

Computer Analysis and Unconvincing Entropic Evidence for Linguistic Structure in the Indus Script

Raja Murthy at the Asia Times in Indus Valley code is cracked - maybe reported on an April 23, 2009, paper in the journal Science by Rajesh Rao et al. titled "Entropic Evidence for Linguistic Structure in the Indus Script”, which claims that computer analysis of Indus Valley signs shows them to have an internal linguistic structure similar to ancient world languages.

That paper conflicts with an earlier 2004 paper by Steve Farmer, Richard Sproat and Michael Witzel, 'The Collapse of the Indus-Script Thesis: The Myth of a Literate Harappan Civilization', and those authors quickly replied on April 24, 2009 in a two-page paper titled "A Refutation of the Claimed Refutation of the Nonlinguistic Nature of Indus Symbols: Invented Data Sets in the Statistical Paper of Rao et al. (Science, 2009)", where it was alleged that the Indus symbols had been compared with "artificial sets of random and ordered signs".

As we have shown with some credibility, some of the Indus Valley signs are astronomical viz. astrological in nature and represent symbols for star groups, asterisms and/or constellations. That direction of inquiry will be more fruitful for all of the above participants, should they choose to consider alternative solutions.

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